Traditional & modern Fireplace Accessories

Keep the home fires burning brightly, with a selection of traditional and modern fireplace accessories.

Eco assistance

The heat powered circulating fireplace eco fan is a contemporary addition to any collection of fireplace accessories. The high efficiency cylindrical fan works on wood, gas and pellet stoves, and automatically varies speed to match the fireplace's temperature. The portable fan is safe and quiet and helps to maximise energy whilst reducing fuel consumption. Twin mini eco fans are also available.

Vintage firestarter

A traditional vintage stove fire lighter fan instantly adds a touch of nostalgia to your relaxing evenings by the fire. The hand pump is made of wood and leather and features an authentic antique bellows design. As you pump the handle, air is emitted from the nozzle, getting your fire started in little time. Some collectable styles feature genuine forge decorative details.

Fireside companions

Log racks and wood storage fireplace accessories allow you to neatly stack your firewood. Choose from stylish traditional and modern designs that create a visual feature when placed by your fire's side.

Vintage handcrafted wood boxes made from hand beaten copper or brass, are often decorated with maritime designs. The fireplace accessories traditionally have a rectangular shape with a hinged lid and padded seat. The interior has plenty of space for storing logs, wood, and other accessories.

Safety first

Wrought iron and metal fire screens and shields are essential fireplace accessories if you have young children. The three-panel folding design is easily adjusted to provide complete coverage around the fireplace. Some models can be attached to the wall for added security and peace of mind. When not in use, fold flat and store away.

Of course, you can't start a fire without firelighters. Made from 100% natural renewable plantation sawdust, the odourless, waterproof and environmentally friendly firelights are supplied in bulk packs of 8 x 24.