Fireplaces & Stoves

Fireplace accessories for every home

There's nothing more satisfying than an open fire, whether acting as vital heating in your home during the winter or a fire pit in your garden on balmy summer evenings. They're cheap to run, fun to use and environmentally friendly. So all you need to do is ensure you have all the tools, equipment and accessories necessary to optimise functionality.

Fireplaces, mantels and surrounds

The first thing to consider is the style of your wood burning heater, including where and how it fits into the décor of your home. A cast iron or stainless-steel fireplace insert, keeps your fire contained and holds the heat. Things to consider apart from the design are flue kits (to allow the smoke to escape up the chimney) and a stove fan to help generate an even distribution of heat through your room. Mantels and surrounds are the decorative bits that fit onto the wall around your fireplace and come in all shapes and sizes to provide a choice that is as creative and individual as you are.

Grates and andirons

A grate is used in the bottom of the fireplace and the firewood is burned in it. An andiron, otherwise known as fire dog, (normally purchased in pairs) is a bracket that is often decorative and holds the wood in place stopping it from rolling out onto the hearth. Grates and andirons can be as simple or as decorative as you want. Antique grates are an impressive choice and are often amongst the most ornate fireplace accessories.

Fireplace screens and fire guards

A screen provides protection from naked flames and a deterrent for kids and pets who might wander too close. Choose a design that is plain and sturdy if safety is your priority, or something lighter and more whimsical if the screen is mainly a creative feature.

Other fireplace accessories and tools

The more practicalities you can consider in advance, the easier managing your wood burner will be. You need a log holder beside the fire, bellows to get the flames going, tongs to add logs safely, a poker to keep the air circulating and a shovel and brush to keep your hearth clean. A stainless-steel bucket can double as a storage for your fireplace accessories and as a handy safety appliance.