Make Your Living Room Cosy With a Wall Mounted Electric Fire

An electric fireplace can heat rooms faster than a traditional fireplace with wood burning on it. Installing a wall mounted electric fire is also more convenient and practical. With an electric fireplace, you can easily transform your living room into a stunning place in a minute.

What do you look for in an electric fire?

A fireplace doesn’t just warm a room; it also adds beauty and elegance. Most classic films have a house with a fireplace because it adds beauty to each scene. Whether you are looking for a fireplace to put in your bedroom or in your living room, here are the things to look for to find the best electric fire:

  • Flame effect availability – Even if it is not winter, you can use your fireplace to make your room or living room cosier without making it hotter.
  • Assembly – A low priced electric fireplace offered on eBay is easy to assemble. Some can be mounted with brackets that come with the package. Some can be mounted or can be left as a free standing fireplace.
  • Size – From the number of wall mounted electric fires offered on eBay, you can easily find the size that will fit your room.
What are the different types of flame effect?

Most wall mounted electric fires that you can find today offer flame effect. The flame effect happens when you can only see flame but the heater fan is off. There are different types of flame effect that an electric fireplace can produce, such as the following:

  • 3D flame technology
  • LED produced "flame effect"
  • Traditional firewood flame effect
  • All seasons flame effect
  • Italian patterned LED light flame effect
What other features of an electric fire should you consider?

When mounting a fireplace, it should be from an average person’s eye view. If you are looking for an electric fire on eBay, go for a fireplace with the following features:

  • Dual set up – It can be mounted or left as a free standing unit.
  • Remote controlled – It can be controlled with a remote regardless of the mounting height.
  • Maximum of 2KW fan heater – For an efficient and energy saving fireplace, look for one with 2KW power.
  • Thermostat control
  • Flame brightness control – It should allow you to control the independent flame.
What is included in a box of an electric fire?

A regular electric fire should include a power supply plug, a remote control, a wall mount or wall bracket, and screws. The box should also have the user's manual.