First Aid Kits & Bags

First Aid Kits and Bags

First aid is by far the most useful skill a person can learn. It is taught in some schools where some even consider it a mandatory skill. Every household should have at least a basic kit to handle symptoms like bleeding until the ambulance arrives. You can assemble your own kit, but a pre-assembled kit with a dedicated bag can come in useful, especially as it saves from you the trouble of making sure you have the essentials. You’d be surprised how handy it can be when you least expect to need it.


Before you head out the door, pack a travel first aid kit and bag to prepare you for contingencies. You never know who might need a little treatment—it could even be you. Choose travel kits made for your specific region. Kits often include adhesive dressings, sterile eye pads, nitrile gloves, hypoallergenic adhesive tape, and more. It can be hard to list all the things you need for a kit, so relying on reputable brands can save you time as it’s their job to include every essential. Some travel kits have vacant areas for specific or optional elements like antiseptic liquid, sunscreen, or bug repellent to allow you to customise the kit to your preferences.