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Tasty fish food your fish will love

Choosing the right type of food for your marine or freshwater fish is vital for their ongoing health and well-being. As fish can be sensitive to their environments, doing your research into the best type of fish food and other fish supplies can be critical.

Types of fish food

The main types of fish food are algae wafers, pellets, flakes and granules. To keep your finned friend's happy and healthy, make sure you choose the right type of food and understand the amount of food to be given every day, as well as the frequency.

Fish food for goldfish and koi

Both goldfish and koi tend to thrive on pellet food which floats on the top of the water ready for the fish to swim up and eat. The floating is beneficial in that it's much easier to keep an eye on how much you're actually feeding them.

Fish food for cichlids and discus fish

Cichlids (such as fighter fish) and discus fish (flatter fish such as gouramis) are kept in tropical tanks and are relatively hardy little fish. However, it's vital they get the balance of nutrients and minerals needed so it's worth buying food specifically for these varieties. They like to be fed little and often, but don't soak the food before giving it as that washes away the vitamins and other essential nutrients your pets need.

Fish food for betta fish

Betta fish are commonly known as Siamese fighting fish. Often made from shrimp eggs, betta fish food usually comes in pellet form and only a pinch of food is needed at any one time. This fish food is specially formulated to not only give your betta fish all the nutrition it needs, it is also designed to enhance and intensify its beautiful colouring.

Tropical fish food

The term tropical fish covers a wide range of species and it's important to research which food is best for your pet. Tropical fish food ranges from freeze-dried krill to brine shrimp eggs and algae flakes and much more.