Fisher and Paykel make quality washing machines, but even they can sometimes break down. If your washing machine is broken, you might be able to figure out what the problem is by yourself. From here, you can determine whether you will need a professional, or if you can repair it yourself. For many quick fixes, you might be able to buy the Fisher and Paykel parts off eBay, then do your own repairs. Step 1: Unplug your washing machine from the wall and then reset it. This often solves many minor problems.If none of these steps have fixed the problem, you may need to call out a professional. They can analyse the problem and do further troubleshooting than the average homeowner will be able to do. Some professionals may already have the Fisher and Paykel parts needed to fix the problem, otherwise you may have to wait for them to come in. If you have any issues with your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator, they can also take a look at it while they are there.

How to troubleshoot a fisher and paykel ecosmart

A simple troubleshooting process:

Step 2: Make sure that the hot and cold water taps are turned on. Check that the water is feeding into the machine properly. If it isn't, clear any blockages from the hoses.

Step 3: Look for any soap build up that could be stopping the machine from functioning properly. If you find any, clean it.

Step 4: Make sure that the washing machine is sitting level and that it is secure on the floor. Unbalanced machines can change the water levels and mess up the water cycles. If the rubber feet are damaged, you can easily replace these Fisher and Paykel spare parts.

Step 5: Clean the machine by putting in 2 cups of detergent and then letting it run. This will help to remove any residues that could be affecting the performance.

Did these steps fix your washing machine?