Fisher & Paykel Washers & Dryers

Fisher & Paykel Washers and Dryers

Fisher and Paykel is one of Australias most trusted brands, and its range of state-of-the-art washers and dryers have become a much-loved addition to laundries across the country. Select from Fisher and Paykel top-load washing machines or front loaders, as well as feature-packed Fisher and Paykel spin dryers.

SmartDrive Technology

Fisher and Paykels washing machines are powered by SmartDrive technology that has been designed for a greater reliability and care of your clothes. Traditional washing machines are comprised of numerous moving parts with their complexity, meaning that things can easily go wrong. SmartDrive machines are made using just three main parts—a small computer, a flexible agitator and a direct-drive motor—and can not only sense each load, but will use less water for each and every wash.

FabricSmart Top Loaders

Want to squeeze all the familys clothes into one wash? Consider Fisher and Paykels FabricSmart 10 kg washer, which is an addition to its top-loading range. It boasts a 4-star energy rating and 3.5-star water rating, coupled with a flexible finned agitator for a superior wash.


When it comes to dryers, you can select from condensing, heat pump or a variety of vented dryers, as well as large Fisher and Paykel 8 kg dryers. All Fisher and Paykel spin dryers are designed for ease of installation with a mounting kit for walls and easily inverted fascia that can be reversed and screwed back in place. If you or your family suffer from asthma, then consider a condensing dryer that will reduce the amount of moisture or allergens that are released into the air.

Designed to Match

Fisher and Paykel washers and dryers have been beautifully designed so that they can be paired together and installed one above the other. Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic laundry with maximum space available for folding, ironing or storing other belongings.