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Collect and Play With Fisher-Price Vintage and Antique Toys

Multiple generations of children have grown up with Fisher-Price toys. From pull toys to the massive Little People collection, Fisher-Price has had much success over the years, including producing different brands of toys like Disney and Sesame Street. Collect old toys, display antiques, and introduce children to the toys you grew up with when you buy vintage Fisher-Price toys on eBay.

Some vintage Fisher-Price toys to look for

Fisher-Price was on the forefront of the big toy industry as they began designing and releasing toys in the 1930s. One of the first antique Fisher-Price toys was a pull-along duck toy named Dr. Doodle in 1931. Fisher-Price also re-released the toy multiple times over the years. An anniversary version of the toy is an ideal collector's item and is often packaged in retro Fisher-Price packaging as found on eBay. Other old Fisher-Price toys include the Chatter Monkey pull toy and the Snoopy Sniffer dog pull toy. The toys come with a pull string, and the animals move to create various motions as they are pulled.

Additional materials Fisher-Price toys are made from

All of the antique Fisher-Price toys were initially made with wood, including the Woofy 700 dog toy or the 1952 Leo the Drummer lion toy. The company decided to transition to plastic toys in the 1950s so a lot of the toys released after this time will be manufactured in plastic and will retain colour and last longer than wood. The first-ever plastic Fisher-Price toy released was the Buzzy Bee. Just like Dr. Doodle, Buzzy Bee was an interactive pull toy made with all plastic instead of wood. One of their widest releases of Fisher-Price vintage toys is the Little People collection. The Little People include all types of character designs, including family members and townspeople such as police officers, mail workers, and teachers. A majority of the decorations are painted directly on the figures, while modern sets may use sticker decorations.

Are there specifics that make 1970s Fisher-Price toys more valuable than others?

The more valuable Fisher-Price sets include products that are mint in the package. Other factors to consider include wear, proper function, and ensuring all the parts are included. The 1970's-era schoolhouse playset included a red building that opened up and had multiple classroom areas. The vintage Fisher-Price toy Family Farm had pull-out barn doors, a slide-open barn window, and multiple animals to play with on the barn. Antique displays could be set up to showcase all of the toys and how they would be originally displayed in stores.