Fishing Belts & Harnesses

Fishing Fighting Belts and Harnesses

Fishing for big game species that require intensive fighting? Get maximum leverage and body protection with a fishing harness or range of fishing rod rests and holders. A fighting belt is a valuable addition to your fishing equipment and fishing nets, with padded lining for that extra protection against your stomach and fully adjustable to fit each and every fisherman.

Benefits of Fishing Fighting Belts

Fishing fighting belts and harnesses allow you to apply greater pressure while battling big fish without increasing the stress felt in your back, arms and legs. Padded gimbal belts offer significant comfort and allow for good blood circulation, even during prolonged fights. A good harness will divide the strain between your lower back and upper thigh area, ensuring neither gets left with too much of the work.

Owning Your Own

Are you fishing for big species on boats with their belt and harness setups? Most anglers won't don a harness until the big fish is hooked, meaning you'll lose time trying to adjust it to your body. That's why having your own equipment that is finely tuned to your fishing posture and style is highly valuable, meaning you won't lose that big catch when it comes along.

Finding the Right Size

When looking for a harness that's right for you, select from small, standard and extra-large fighting harnesses. The size you select will also depend on your fishing posture and stance, with those with a wider stance often preferring a larger-sized gimbal and narrower stances opting for a standard-sized harness.

What to Look For

When looking for a fishing harness or fighting belt to add to your fishing equipment setup, look for lightweight models that won't be cumbersome to wear for long hours on the boat or shore. Most come with a stainless steel gimbal pin that can easily be slipped on in seconds when the fish strikes, ensuring you don't have to fumble around and run the risk of losing your catch.