Fishing Bite Alarms

Dont miss a catch

A great addition to any fishers fishing equipment, check out fishing bite alarms to let you know when a fish has taken the bait. Many of these have advanced in technology, where you can now find electronic fishing bite alarms too for your convenience.

The most simple alarms are just a very simple battery device with an on and off switch and no other functions. If youre looking for something more complex, you can look for features such as sensitivity controls, indicators and receivers.


A fishing bite alarm keeps an eye on your line even when you cant, which can increase your fish count. Slot your fishing line through the sensor on your alarm, that way you will get alerted when the line gets disturbed. You can choose a basic alarm that can be combined with bobbins, hangers or other bite indicators, or choose a high tech bite alarm.


Features to look out for include weatherproof cases to protect your alarm from the elements, long battery life and day and night modes. Look out for bite alarms that include adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity to make sure it suits your exact needs. If youre taking a snooze, you may want the volume to be high but the sensitivity to be low so that youll get woken up by the alarm but only if its a certain catch such as carp.


Top brands of bite alarms include Delkim, Korum, Nash, Prologic, Steve Neville, TF Gear and Wychwood. Delkim has been producing bite indication technology for more than 35 years, revolutionising sensing technology and bite alarms along the way. They have invented their own vibration sensing system and all of their products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Look out for Fox, a quality angling brand from the UK, who are one of the leading tackle manufacturers in the whole of Europe. One of their best-selling product ranges is their Micron bite alarms. Their ranges have a distinct look with a range of features.