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Fishing Chairs and Bedchairs

For many, fishing is a passion that requires true dedication. It often goes beyond being a hobby and becomes a way of life, and that's when fishing chairs and bedchairs are in order. They allow you to fish for longer as they offer added comfort.

Types of fishing chairs

Available in a wide range of sizes, designs and colours, the collection of chairs and bedchairs available is almost as sophisticated as the fishing equipment itself.

The mid range adjustable carp fishing bed chair is PVC coated for practical use. It is easily transportable for your convenience and offers extra comfort for those longer fishing trips.

Meanwhile, a JRC Stealth X Lite carp fishing bedchair is extra lightweight thanks to compact construction. It's ultra strong but feather light, making it easy to carry about thanks to its aerospace grade aluminium frame. The ergonomic design and extra thick padding makes it comfortable to use, while fully adjustable legs add to its user friendly capabilities, making it easily transportable wherever you're adventuring.

For the hardy anglers looking for a long term use fishing chair , the likes of a heavy duty portable folding carp fishing chair is a durable and welcome companion on all weather fishing trips. These fishing chairs are built from strong materials and are built to last.

You can also increase your comfort levels with the addition of fleece pillows, such as the new variety from Trakker, made with ultra soft polyester on one side and a polar fleece on the other, the outer cover is removable so it's easy to wash.

Other accessories include bed chair mattresses and sheets, such as the carp fishing Indulgence bedchair mattress sheets from Nash, which are quickly fitted and help to maintain the long term condition of the mattress itself. It comes complete with Velcro attachments to secure the sheet to the removable mattress as well as to the mattress base.