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Fishing Gaffs

Are you jigging for tuna or out catching mackerel that are too large to be scooped up in a net? A fishing gaff is a handy addition to your fishing equipment to ensure your catch makes it onboard. Fishing gaffs are basically poles with a sharp hook on the end that can be used to stab large fish and manoeuvre them onto the boat or shore.


Fishing gaffs are usually made from corrosion-resistant materials, such as fluted aluminium, fibreglass, stainless steel and commercial-grade alloy for the fittings. This ensures they are robust and durable and will hold up against sea water time and time again to get the job done.

Gaff Size

Each gaff is designed with a hook to suit the strength and build of its handle, ensuring that it can work at its optimal performance. Most opt for handle lengths of between 4 and 6 feet, which is just right for fishing from most boats, although gaff length does come down to personal preference. Shorter gaffs are easier to store and handle, but you'll need to be in closer proximity to secure the fish.

Gaff Designs

You can select from a range of different options when it comes to the design of your gaff, from typical round-bended styles to diamond-shaped hooks. The Australian-style squared gaff forces fish to sit within the gap so they won't fall out, while kayak-based fishermen often use fishing spears without turns in the hook. This makes it easier for them to hit the right spot and uses a pushing-away motion, rather than pulling towards them when using traditional gaffs, which helps to improve balance when in a kayak.

Flying Gaffs

Flying gaffs are a specialised kind of fishing gaff that are used for hooking particularly large fish. The head of the gaff is designed to detach when enough force is added, much like a harpoon's dart, then it's secured to the boat with a heavy rope to ensure your catch doesn't get away.

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