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Fishing Kayaks

Whether you're new to fishing or a seasoned angler, there's nothing quite like the challenge of a fishing kayak. Affordable, stealthy, and the ultimate test of your fishing abilities, kayak fishing is becoming increasingly popular as a sport, and with good reason. The fishing kayaks for sale on eBay are far less expensive than purchasing a motorboat. They're also lighter, easier to transport and maintain, and the accessories are more affordable, too. If you're already kitted out for motorboat fishing, then you're in luck, because your regular fishing gear can easily be adapted for your new fishing kayak.

One of the first questions you may have when looking at fishing craft is: kayak or canoe? That's really a matter of personal preference. Canoes are big on comfort, handling, with lots of room for your gear. However, this makes a canoe significantly heavier which not only is a pain when pulling it off a roof-rack, but also can cause safety issues if you're fishing solo, tip over, and aren't practised in flipping it back upright from the water. Fishing kayaks tend to be more intimate to the water, which is perfect if you fish just as much for the serenity as the sport. A kayak is also easier to paddle.

Kayaks come in two types: sit in or sit on top (SOT). Another consideration when considering fishing kayaks for sale, is the type of water you'll be enjoying. Will you typically be fishing on lakes, streams, rivers, or the ocean? Is the water still or moving? Smaller bodies of still water best suit a kayak that is short, lightweight, high on initial stability with moderate rock. Typically, that would be a sit on top fishing kayak. Large, still bodies of water are better suited to a fishing kayak that is long, slim, fast, lower on initial stability with low rock. Typically, a sit in kayak will provide those elements. Moving water is best suited to a kayak that is short and wide, with a high secondary stability and high rock. These characteristics can be found in both sit in or sit on top models, so carefully consider each model. Snap up the most appropriate fishing kayak for sale right here on eBay, and it won't be the only big catch you'll make!

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