Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks for your great outdoor adventure

Fishing kayaks are a great way to fish in harder to reach places and are a great way for you to enjoy the beauty of Australia. They also offer you an advantage over bank-based fishermen. If the fish aren't biting where you are, you can simply move upstream and try somewhere new, without having to pack up your kit and carry it along.

Things to consider when buying a fishing kayak

The biggest thing to consider when buying a fishing kayak is its weight. You need a boat light enough to lift and manoeuvre easily, especially if you often fish on your own. Ideally, you should be able to lift it onto the rack on your roof or into the back of your pickup. You'll also find that lighter kayaks are easier to move and require less effort to paddle. Kayaks range in weight from just a few kilos up to 50 kg or more. It is also important to consider the amount of stability and under-seat storage available, which varies by design.

Types of fishing kayak

Fishing kayaks come in one or two person sizes and can be either paddled, like a standard kayak or canoe, or pedalled with your feet which a propeller under the boat. Pedal-propelled fishing kayaks leave you with both hands-free for fishing, while paddle fishing kayaks have the advantage of being a much simpler design, and no propeller which could get snagged up in the water weeds.

Fishing kayak accessories

Many fishing kayaks come with a range of essential accessories, and this kind of package deal can represent much better value than buying a cheaper kayak and then buying the accessories you need separately. Look for kayaks that come with fishing rod holders, catch bags, tackle boxes, ropes, chains, and anchors. All of these will make your fishing trip so much better, helping you to reach, and stay in, the perfect spot for your catch, and give you everything you need for a successful day out fishing.