Fishing Nets

Catch of the day fishing nets

Fishing in Australia is an incredibly popular pastime. So, whether you're on a boy's weekend, family holiday or pro-fishing trip don't suffer the heartbreak of letting that precious haul slip away. Fishing nets are an integral part of your fishing gear and we have a fantastic selection of choices available right here on eBay.

Landing nets

To net your catch safely is an important part of fishing so there are various considerations to keep in mind before you make your purchase. Choose the correct landing net for the species of fish which you intend to catch and pay attention to the size of the net mesh and the size of the net itself. Nets designed for smaller fish have a smaller hoop size with nylon mesh net material, whereas landing nets for larger fish will be made of durable materials to contend with thrashing and sheer size.

Handle length is also important when choosing your net. If you like to net your fish quickly from a boat, dock or jetty, a net with a longer, extendable handle is a great idea. Alternatively, a shorter handled net will do the job for fly fishermen, shore fisherman or anglers who prefer to net their catch straight from a vessel on the water.

The health of your haul is important too and there are an increasing number of nets available made from rubber mesh which helps protects the slime coating on the outside of fish.

Cast nets

A cast net, also called a throw net, is designed to be cast or thrown by hand from the side of a boat to trap a haul while using live bait. Made from monofilament, these circular, drawstring nets have small weights distributed around the edge and can be purchased in a wide range of sizes.