Fishing Pliers & Hook Removers

Fishing Pliers and Hook Removers

If you've ever wrangled a hook from a fish's mouth, you know a fish can literally swallow it hook, line and sinker. Fishing pliers, hook removers, and other tools make it easier on you and the fish. Plus, these tools have additional uses and become versatile accessories in your tackle box. Make sure to check out the inventory of other fishing equipment you can use to increase your chances of hooking the big one.

Fishing Equipment

Fish weighing scales give you bragging rights when a large fish takes the bait and also lets you weigh a fish to determine if it is too small to keep. Other fishing equipment to consider includes bait buckets to hold worms, minnows and insects or a comfy chair to relax in while fishing or taking a break. Also very helpful, fishing bite alarms have sound and light sensors to let you know when a clever fish is trying to capture your bait.

Fishing Pliers

When shopping for fishing pliers, look for one made of stainless steel, titanium, or any material that resists corrosion. They are handy tools for cutting through wires and fishing lines as well as holding hooks when tightening knots, even though they are used most often to remove a hook from a fish's mouth. Some come equipped with a built-in crimper to form loops and compress leaders. As fishing pliers are available in different lengths, consider your hand size and the type of fish you normally catch. The tool should fit comfortably in your hand. Additionally, pliers that are too large may not fit inside a fish's mouth.


The best place to hold a fish is by the lip. Use grippers in place of gloves or a fish net so you can control the fish when removing a hook or transferring it to a cooler. Quality ones are made from aluminium and other rust-resistant materials. Plus, some float so you never lose them.

Scissors and Tweezers

When you need a lightweight tool to carry in your pocket, keep a pair of fishing scissors to cut line and bait or untangle a lure. Tweezers are helpful to handle small objects when making your own lures, or use them to remove small bones when cleaning the fish.