Fishing pliers for every great catch

Imagine you have been fishing all day and all night with no luck but suddenly your rod goes off and you realise you have caught the catch of the tournament. However once you reel him in you realise you can't unhook the line, this can easily be avoided when you own a high-quality pair of fishing pliers. Fishing pliers are typically used for cutting braid and reeling in fish.

Don't leave without your fishing pliers

Fishing pliers are an essential part of your fishing tools and you can find a wide variety of options here on eBay. When looking for a high-quality pair of pliers you need to make sure they are made from non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel or titanium. Having split ring pliers can become extremely useful to your fishing especially when you need to change or replace a treble hook on your lure so make sure you have a split ring tool on your pliers if needed.

Used for cutting the line

The pliers will probably be used for cutting the line at some point or another so you want to make sure the cutter is sharp enough to cut through monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. If it is for braiding however you may want to consider something a bit sharper and dedicated to cutting braids.

Shop from some well-known brands

On eBay, you can find a range of pliers that are made from a variety of different brands such as Rapala, Blackmagic, KATO, Mustad and many more. You can also look at the unbranded range of fishing equipment if you're not fussed on the type of pliers you end up with. Many fishing pliers will typically have the option of a lanyard being attached to them, to allow for more convenient and practical carrying on your fishing trip.