Fishing Rod Boats/Outrigger Mounted Holders

Outrigger-mounted holders for fishing rods are specially designed, durable holders for fishing rods that can be mounted to a boats outrigger. This helps to keep fishing rods out of the way and easily visible to the crew and fishermen, but easy to access when necessary. They can also be used while fishing to help brace the rod during angling or to keep the rod secure while a fisherman is changing hooks, baiting or assisting with other tasks.

Common Materials for Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing rod holders designed to be mounted onto outriggers are manufactured in many different materials, usually designed for all-weather use, resistance to long exposure to water and general sturdiness. Most are available in stainless steel, aluminium, PVC, synthetics and even rubber. Many that are made of harder materials, like steel or aluminium, feature padded cuffs or interiors to reduce the potential damage or scuffing to rods they are holding.

Outrigger-Mounted Rod Holder Mounting Options

There are many mounting options for outrigger-mounted fishing rod holders. The vast majority feature mounting cuffs that are drilled into place and secured around the outrigger. Others are flush-mount, which involve drilling into the rigger for a streamlined, low profile. Still, others are designed to be easily removed or adjusted, and feature vice mechanisms or other specialised mounting tools.

Outrigger-Mounted Rod Holder Saltwater Treatments

Those who enjoy saltwater angling should consider getting more durable stainless steel fishing rod outrigger-mounted holders or aluminium mounts treated for saltwater use. Contact with saltwater can increase the natural corrosion process, meaning that rod holders not treated for saltwater use can quickly rust or become dulled.

Other Outrigger-Mounted Rod Holder Options

In many cases, it is easy to purchase rod holders as a set or with other options that can increase their utility to anglers and fishermen. Some mounts feature full 360-degree rotation capabilities, which allow fishermen to access them from multiple points on a ship. Others have been professionally reviewed and graded for marine use, and some fishing rod rests and holders can even be used in multiple locations in addition to the outrigger.