Fishing Rod Racks

Fishing Rod Racks

Fishing is all about the one that doesnt get away. To that end, having a means to store your fishing rods in a rack keeps your fishing equipment from being prone to getting damaged so you stay one step ahead of the fish. Consider the features of the available options, how many rods the rack holds, and review other fishing rod equipment you may need to keep the fish moving from the cooler to the frying pan.

Fishing Equipment

Aside from racks, you can store equipment in fishing rod cases and tubes. Most have hard exteriors, are water resistant, and include a shoulder strap for easier transporting. Also consider fishing rod rests and holders that mount or clamp onto a boats frame, dock or a pier. You can place the fishing rod in the holder to take a break while watching the line for bites. This accessory helps reduce fatigue when fishing for hours.

Number of Rods

A fishing rack needs to be large enough to accommodate the number of rods you normally use. A rack with four rods is adequate for one or two anglers, but a crew may need a rack that holds up to 24 rods. Theres a rack for every novice or veteran angler with enough spaces to hold all your rods, whether fishing alone or with a group of fellow anglers.


When storing rods on the boat or on top of your vehicle, the rack should be made from stainless steel, titanium alloy or high-impact plastic so it resists corrosion when in contact with water. Wall and ceiling mounted racks, normally placed in a garage or game room, come in wood and other materials. You may prefer a freestanding rack you can move to other locations or place in a closet.


Comparison shopping gets you the best product for your needs. Review the brand names of fishing racks available, such as Berkley and Sea Dog, while taking note of their features and taking in account word of mouth recommendations.