Fishing Rod Rests & Holders

Fishing Rod Rests and Holders

Fishing rod rests and holders are essential pieces of fishing equipment for most serious anglers. They allow you to get on with setting up your pole and baiting it safely without running the risk of the rod slipping into the water. A fishing rod rest and holder with 5 slots lets you prepare several poles and is an ideal fishing accessory when you bring along friends or family to help you catch dinner.

Base Style

Not all rests and holders are the same. Some hold your pole vertically, which is ideal when it is not in use, but others have angles so you can keep your line in the water without having to hang onto the rod. Adjustable fishing rod rests and holders allow you to position you pole at any angle for absolute security.


When you’re fishing your favourite river or lake, you can use a plastic holder that simply pushes into the ground at your required angle. The plastic ensures that there is no water damage to the holder, providing you with a versatile and durable piece of fishing equipment.

On the Boat

If you’re out on the open ocean, chances are the fish are going to be bigger, and quite possibly, more feisty, so you’ll need a much stronger rest and holder. Marine-grade, stainless steel holders fix into your boat, so there’s little chance of slippage, and many come with multiple places for you to position your rod, such as a fishing rod rest and holder with 4 slots.


For waterside fishing, you’ll likely need only one or two holders, and three-way rod holders are great for keeping your pole at the desired angle. For boats, you can pick up complete sets of four or more holders so that you can set up individual fishing points on deck. Available in a range of finishes such as powder-coated, stainless steel, and brass, there’s one to match the rest of your fixtures.