Fishing Rods & Poles

Surf Fishing Rods

Surf fishing is a method of catching fish that includes standing on the shoreline or wading in the surf while taking care to avoid dangerous waves. Mostly, this method is popular for saltwater fishing. Surfcasting requires strength and the right equipment. Before purchasing a surf fishing rod, learn about its most important features, such as the length, power, action, and other features.


The length of a surf fishing rod is an important characteristic as many lengths are available. The fishermans physical ability is a key aspect to take into account when choosing the perfect length. Shorter or slightly weaker anglers should opt for short rods that are easier to operate. However, you should choose the longest rod that you can handle because the length has an effect on the casting distance. The further you throw the bait, the better. You also need a longer rod when aiming to catch larger fish, as it provides more leverage for pulling the fish on the shore.


The rod power refers to the strength of the rod or its lifting power. For instance, medium surf fishing rods offer a balanced option for intermediate skillsets, and heavy surf fishing rods are the most challenging. The most common option sits right in the middle of the spectrum at the point between medium and heavy. Remember your power choice when picking the fishing line and match it accordingly. The heavier the power, the better it performs with a heavier type of line. Too-light line might mean that the fish gets away when it snaps.


The action of a rod describes the taper or bend the rod displays under pressure. Fast-action rods bend more at the tip, while slow-action rods bend at the centre point. The action also influences the casting distance, with the fast rods providing a longer distance.

Other Features

Rods include some elements that you should also take into account when choosing the right one for your needs. Higher-end surf rods use graphite reel seats that resist corrosion better than metal alloy. The material of the handle on the rod is basically the anglers personal preference, as both cork and foam work equally well.