Fishing Sinkers & Weights

Secure a prize catch with fishing weights and sinkers

For whatever type of fishing you choose as your hobby, your experience will have told you that your sinker or weight can determine whether you get a bite on your bait. Whether you are fly, saltwater or freshwater fishing, the fish will always be lured to the bait but it will not find it unless the correct weight or sinker has been used. A fishing sinker or fishing weight will provide your line with the desired depth and distance to help you catch the fish you are after.

Pick your weight

Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of fishing weights and sinkers including bombs, drop shots and bullets to help you cast and anchor your bait rig to the bottom of the water. You can also find fishing weights and sinkers from popular fishing brands including Eco Pro, Decoy, Eagle Claw, Jarvis Walker, Korda, Neptune and South Bend.

Sink your hook

Weights are used to ensure your hook and bait sinks below the surface to dangle that tantalising bait before some hungry fish. For different types of fishing and catching specific fish, youll need different weights. Obviously, the heavier the weight, the lower the hook will sink. Dense sinkers made of lead will be better at catching those deep water fish lurking at near bottom.

Split shot sinkers have multiple uses allowing you to have multiple hooks at different levels, or to use a lure along with bait. A professional angler will have many other users for split shot. These are often made of lead, but can be made of tungsten.

Individual or multi-packs

Weights and sinkers can be purchased singularly, but most find it easier to buy multi-packs so they can vary up their fishing tactics. If youre serious about your fishing, buying in bulk may be the best option.

Shake it up, catch a different variety of fish or try your hand at deep sea fishing, either way, youll want a whole range of fishing weights and sinkers.