Fishing Tackle Boxes & Bags

Fishing Tackle Boxes Bags

When you go fishing, youll want to take all your gear in a fishing tackle box or bag for convenience. With all your fishing gear stored away, you will have room to carry your prize catch. Choose from various types of boxes and bags to fit your needs.

Type of Fishing

The type of fishing tackle boxes you need will depend partially on what kind of fishing you do. You may plan to do freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing for example. You may even like to go ice fishing or fly fishing on occasion. The weather, environment and other factors should influence your decision on the best tackle box or bag for your gear.

Type of Fishing Box or Bag

You will find different kinds of fishing boxes and bags to take on your adventures. A tackle box or tackle bag is often a popular choice, or you may prefer a fly box for your fishing equipment and supplies. If you dont want to carry your supplies in your hands, a fishing backpack can be the perfect choice. There is also a waist pack to provide easy access without filling your hands.


Several companies manufacture fishing gear, including tackle boxes. You may decide to choose one based on their reputation. For instance, you can find Meiho fishing equipment, Daiwa gear or Rogue products which are some of the most respected in the fishing industry. You will even discover unbranded products if youre looking for a generic option.


The tackle boxes come with various features to enhance their use. You may choose a hardtop box for added durability. Others are soft-sided, which allows you to store them easily when not in use. Many are water resistant while some are waterproof. They may even be insulated to prevent freezing, which is important if you like ice fishing. You can find some products that come with straps and others even include lures or other gear with your purchase.