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Fiskars Tools

Established in 1649, Fiskars is one of the oldest businesses in the western world. Traditionally making everyday items that solve everyday problems, Fiskars is a brand synonymous with quality and clever design. When it comes to home, garden arts and crafts, this company has created a staggering number of helpful tools. From small precision tools to ones capable of doing quite heavy work, Fiskars is the brains behind highly-effective solutions to a host of domestic tasks. To find the tool that you need or might not even know that you need, simply examine the different categories of products offered by this company.

Home and Garden

Those who have a garden in need of regular maintenance can find Fiskars pruners, secateurs and shears made from titanium and other highly durable materials intended to last a lifetime. The shears come in all sizes, including Power-Lever hedge models designed for heavy-duty trimming. The telescopic handles on larger models allow gardeners to lop branches from hard-to-reach places without a ladder. For more delicate tasks, Fiskars make gardening scissors and even knife-size garden saws that deliver precision cuts. Tougher tree-related tasks are covered by a range of gardening axes and hatchets with long-lasting blades that don't corrode. Fiskars also provides sharpening tools and especially designed machetes to deal with fast-growing vegetation. Those looking to carry out major branch-cutting and tree pruning can also look at the various hand saws that Fiskars has to offer.

Fiskars Arts and Crafts Supplies

Arts and crafts enthusiasts can find various tools which make paper-cutting tasks a breeze. You can choose between scrapbooking punch-craft tools that cut intricate lace and flower patterns, or simple ones that do letters and numbers. All craft projects can benefit from their range of paper edger scissors which can transform the plain border of a sheet of paper into a cloud, scallop or something more abstract. Fiskars sewing scissors and shears also come in a variety of designs aimed to simplify dressmaking tasks while maintaining precision. Micro-tip scissors designed to reduce hand-fatigue and rotary-cutters which can cut multiple layers of fabric are just some of the tools they provide.