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Design Your Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Fitness Technology Replacement Bands

Fitness trackers are a good way to track activity, monitor your heart rate, identify sleep patterns, and set activity goals. While many options are available, Fitbit is one of the most common brands of activity trackers. With various styles and models, there is a Fitbit to satisfy every consumer. One of the main benefits of Fitbits is the potential to personalize them, such as through the replacement on eBay of a Fitbit band at an affordable price.

Choosing a band

Every Fitbit comes with a generic band that is based on the size that was chosen with the original purchase. Bands can be sized as "small" or "large" and come in neutral colours. However, these bands can be replaced with these different features:

  • Material - Fitbit wearers should consider their daily activities in order to decide on an appropriate band material. While a silicon band may be great for someone who works outside, a more sophisticated metal band may be chosen for an office employee.
  • Size - "Small" or "Large" options are available. With most Fitbit replacement bands, various slots are cut out to allow for adjustment.
  • colour - Bands come in various colours and designs. The range of Fitbit bands for sale on eBay will offer more options than a typical box store.
How do you select the proper size and type?

The current size of Fitbit charge bands is a good place to begin. Simply flip over your current band to determine if it is a "small" or "large." This can help narrow down the search for Fitbit charge bands for sale on eBay by allowing you to filter out bands by size. Be sure to identify the correct type of Fitbit prior to ordering a new band. Most new or used eBay Fitbit bands are specific to a certain type of Fitbit and are not interchangeable. Save yourself the hassle and read the band descriptions thoroughly prior to ordering.

Band accessories

When changing Fitbit charge bands, it may also be beneficial to consider the purchase of new or replacement accessories. Loops for Fitbit replacement bands are often included with the band and allow for securing the loose band end. Many Fitbit charge bands also come with screen protectors for the device. These accessories for Fitbit charge bands on eBay may be designed to match the selected band or colour scheme.