Fitness Exercise Balls

Bounce your way back to strength with an exercise ball

Work out at home with on your own fitness equipment with an exercise ball, great for toning muscles, increasing core stability and even easing back, hip and knee injuries. Low impact workouts are great for your balance and strength.

From 30cm to 75cm fitness balls available, the ball size you choose depends on your height. Consult size guides to see which ball is best for your height.

Core Strength

Your core muscles stabilise and support your body, making them important for any movements that you make throughout the day, as well as during exercise. The muscles protect your spine and help you to bend, run, reach, throw and lift so youll need to strengthen and stabilise these muscles in order to see any fitness improvements.

Start by just sitting on the ball, which instantly engages these core muscles, improves your posture and makes you rely more on your own centre of gravity. When youre training and doing workouts on the ball, the further away your core is from the ball, the more difficult it is to maintain your balance. Try push ups with the ball under your lower legs.

Posterior Muscles

When people work out, they often focus too much on their anterior muscles and not enough on their posterior muscles, or the muscles along the back of your body. This can create muscle imbalance, which you can counteract by training your back, bum and hamstrings on the ball. That support that the ball gives your lower back really helps.

Helping with Back Pain

Those who suffer with back and spine pain but still want to work out should invest in a fitness and exercise ball. They support your back while you stretch and exercise on them and even provide relief if you just lay on them. Exercise balls are highly recommended by chiropractors as therapy for back strains and injuries.