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Fitness Stopwatches

Having a fitness stopwatch can help you meet (and set) fitness goals. Sometimes all you need to start a good programme is a little bit of motivation; a fitness stopwatch allows you to time runs and jogs, set timers and alarms and also set goals by calendar and date. Fitness stopwatches differ from smartwatches and are often worn around the neck with a lanyard. There are several different types and brands to choose from, helping you meet fitness goals for different sports or activities.

Stopwatches and Smart Watches

Stopwatches are a more simple technology than fitness activity trackers. A fitness activity tracker is a bit more intuitive and usually offers Bluetooth or wireless technology for connectivity to the internet. A stopwatch is mostly that, and it’s a good way to time how long it takes for you to run or jog a certain amount of mileage or yards. If you’re running short distances, tenths of seconds matter very much and most of these watches give you the ability to mark times down to a tenth of a second. Many of these watches are also waterproof or water resistant, making them a good fit for swim fitness or races as well.

Alarm Features

Many of these stopwatches feature a chronograph face with an alarm, making them useful for not only fitness goals but for setting other alarms as well, such as for after sleep or timers in the kitchen. You can set most stopwatches at a 12- or 24-hour format, allowing you to time things exactly how you’d like them. There is also typically a selection of different alarm sounds, depending on your preferences.

Clock Features

Many stopwatches are worn around the neck and are not a typical watch face you’d wear around your wrist. This is unlike fitness trackers and smart watches that use a fitness tracker. Clock features allow you to set the date, time and offer calendar features. Clock screens are usually an LCD screen as opposed to smart watches that have an LED screen.

Popular Brands

There are several popular brands of stopwatches. Look for familiar and trusted brands like DigiSports, FINIS, SYNOKE and F7 Digital. If you’re more in search of an activity tracker or fitness watch, Apple, Samsung and FitBit all make popular models.