For those of you who hate working out, you are most definitely not alone. It can seem like such a slog to go for a run, and you’re not the only one who hates spending a monotonous hour picking up heavy things and putting them back down again. A mini trampoline might be just what you need to get moving and enjoy yourself! A workout trampoline facilitates the perfect balance of enjoyment and a genuinely challenging work out session. You can choose vigorous cardio with a series of jumps or trampoline-assisted jogging, or use the trampoline to work on your core strength by trying some particularly challenging balancing exercises. Think about how much muscular control it takes to hold yoga or Pilates positions on solid ground, and then consider the added challenge of holding the position balanced on a mini trampoline! A workout trampoline is a great way to add some fun and spontaneity back into your exercise program, and you can do it all from within your own home. Small, compact and easy to pack away, a mini trampoline is a great piece of workout equipment to set up in your lounge room, and it will mean that you have no excuse not to exercise even if it is freezing and pouring with rain outside!

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