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Fitness Weight Lifting Straps

Strength Training Weight Lifting Straps

Strength training relies on resistance from your body and weights to build muscles and there are a few pieces of equipment that can improve your efficiency, one being weight lifting straps. This piece of strength training equipment aims to help you lift weights more effectively, as they strap your hand to the bar of the weight and allow you to grip it better, much like a weight lifting belt provides stability. The straps use materials like neoprene, nylon, cotton, and leather, and each has a rating for how much bar strength it provides.

When to Use Weight Lifting Straps

These lifting straps come in different designs and styles but their main function is to improve your grip and stop the weight from sliding away. This usually occurs as you’re moving up a weight class and haven’t yet strengthened your grip or if you want to put more focus on lifting the weights rather than your grip. Weight lifting straps commonly go with fitness equipment where the resistance is pulling away from you or if gravity is working against you in the exercise, however there’s no limit to how you can use them.

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