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Flag Pole

Flag Poles

Whether youre looking to display your patriotism, advertise your business, or show off your set of collectable flags , theres sure to be a flag pole to be proud of right here on eBay. Whatever your budget, location, or decor, theres a flag pole for sale to suit your needs.

The first factor in your decision is whether your flag pole will be located on the ground, or mounted on a wall. Mounted flag poles can be hung inside or outside your home, workplace, or even on a boat. Mounts come in various shapes, styles, and orientation to best suit the location of the flag. The biggest consideration here is length. The pole should be long enough to prevent the flag from getting tangled in eaves, greenery, windows, and other potential snags.

Ground flag poles for sale are generally available in heights of four to thirty metres. They can be sunk permanently into the ground, or use a solid, above ground base for stability. The material used in the construction of the flag pole has the biggest effect on the way the flag pole functions. Fibreglass poles are designed to bend with the wind in order to catch the eye and create a dynamic splash. These are typically used for brand and company advertising . Aluminium flag poles are resistant to weather and rust. They have minor sway in the wind, and can have a variety of finishes. These are best for residential use in an area with low winds. The thicker the wall of the flag pole, the more wind-resistant it will be, so if your flag pole is for a location with high winds, its best to find a flag pole with thick walls.

Ground flag poles may be sectional or telescopic. Sectional poles are a series of interlocking sections, and the flag is hoisted by rope. A telescopic flag pole is tapered from the base to the tip, extending up in attached sections, like a telescope. This flag pole supports a second flag at half-mast, and does not require hoisting ropes. Check out the variety of flag poles available here on eBay, and youll be displaying your unique and eye-catching flags in no time.