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Flag Shop Signs

One of the best ways to get your business noticed at busy events or attractions is to have a clear, brightly coloured flag with your companys name on it. Flags and banners work as portable shop signs that can be taken anywhere and can be removed when business closes for the day. These are well and truly one of the best ways to make you stand out from the crowd.

Teardrop Banners

Teardrop banner signs are simply banners or flags that are shaped into a teardrop. Usually, they are attached to lightweight aluminium or fibreglass poles that will help the shop signs to keep their shape in any weather conditions. Many sellers will offer different options for how your flags and banners will stay up, so ensure that you choose the right base for you.


Similar to teardrop banners, flags are mounted onto lightweight poles and kept in place with a base. These are one of the best ways to get people to notice what you are selling. Most flags can be customised according to colour, size and the content. However, there are also less expensive flags available that cannot be customised, but have generic phrases on them. Before buying, make sure to check whether the flag comes with a pole or not.


As well as flags, banners and shop signs are also a great way to bring interest to what you are selling. There are a wide range of banners available, from roll-up and pull-down versions to simple flat-pack posters. Most flags and banners can be customised to suit your product, or you can buy a plain banner to create your own shop sign.


As crucial as it is to have a unique flag to advertise your product, it is also very important to make sure you have customised your flag appropriately. Before purchasing, it is recommended that you double-check the size of the flag, the colour you would like and that the content to be printed onto it is exactly what you want.