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Flake Fish Food

Keep your pet Clementine in optimum health with flake fish food that is formulated to provide specialist feeding to your ornamental fish, doing away with the need for you to hunt down live earthworms. Some types of flakes also enhance the natural colour of your pet fish, making it more vibrant, while others contain medications that treat your fish as you feed them.


Flakes are a type of dry prepared fish food, which also include pellets, tablets and cubes that come ready to serve your hungry fish. Although live fish food is much better for your fish as it is far more nutritious, prepared foods are more convenient for the time-constrained pet fish owner. They do not require any preparation time and are already prepared in the right combination of nutrients, taking into account that different fish have different diets and needs.

Water Type

Ensure that the flake fish food is specific to your fish species to prevent complications. For example, freshwater flake fish food matches the natural diet of freshwater fish, while your koi get the right nutrients from the pond flake fish food. Marine flake fish food may contain the additional iodine that marine fish need.


Check the suitability of your flake fish food against the type of fish you have, such as rainbowfish and the blue-eyes, betta and the carnivorous cichlids. Get algae flakes for your herbivorous clownfish, while your vegetarian fish is happy with the animal-free variety.

Feeding Your Fish

Feed you fish about twice a day, and only as much as they can take in a short time, about 5 minutes. Overfeeding is not advisable, as any leftover flakes sink to the bottom of the aquarium and may soil it. Change the aquarium water frequently to remove debris and maintain a healthy environment for your pet as well as prevent diseases.

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