Flashes & Flash Accessories

Flashes and Flash Accessories

That one-in-a-million shot disappears from view when you don't have an external camera flash. Designed to fit cameras from Canon, Nikon and other popular brands, this photography lighting equipment is available in several types with helpful features. Many flashes have mode selections, multi-flash capabilities and rotating heads to capture the best angles. There's also a selection of flash accessories to ensure that photo quality is nearly perfect.

Why is an external flash better than an onboard flash?

External flashes make up for what onboard flashes lack. Namely, built-in flashes produce problematic photos that include red eye, shadows and over-highlighting. An external flash includes batteries so you don't drain the ones in your camera. Likewise, the flash has standalone features that work in conjunction with the camera's additional features. When compared to an onboard flash, an external flash has substantially more power. That means your flash can light up spaces that are further away while capturing wider shots.

What features do camera flashes have?

A camera flash includes features such as guide numbers and X-sync speed to produce the best photo possible. Guide numbers lets photographers know whether objects can be illuminated based on their distance from the subject. Whereas, the X-sync speed feature allows the user to choose faster shutter speeds when necessary. Furthermore, a flash head that tilts and swivels can soften light and prevent harsh shadows from occurring. With the master and slave feature, photographers use two flashes at once. Keep in mind when selecting a camera flash that flashes with four batteries recycle quicker between shots than those with two.

What flash accessories should you consider?

When you need to scatter the light, a camera flash diffuser removes shadows so that light is more even and flatters the subject. Photographers attach the diffuser to the flash to bounce light towards a ceiling or wall to direct light away from the central object. Additionally, camera flash brackets let you mount the flash above the camera creating studio-quality light that looks more natural. The brackets position the flash away from the camera lens so photographers can concentrate more on taking pictures.