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Flashes for Canon Cameras

For those who own Canon cameras and a passion for photography, you will want to make the most of your device. One of the most useful pieces of camera equipment has to be camera flashes, which can transform your subject area through dynamic lighting. While there are a wide range of camera flashes for all camera types, there are many Canon camera flashes with E-TTL, Canon’s flash exposure system.


External camera flashes provide a wide range of lighting options. They can be connected directly to your Canon camera, which is more straightforward and compact, or be detached and allow for far more flexibility. A nice middle ground are Canon camera flashes that tilt or rotate, providing a degree of flexibility while remaining compact. The benefits of using camera flashes from a different angle than the camera are that they can help reduce the red-eye effect and provide softer, more flattering, lighting.

Flash Speed

Often built-in camera flashes aren’t able to match the highest shutter speeds of cameras, meaning the flash will often overexpose your shot. However external camera flashes that feature high-speed sync can match the camera’s shutter speed, preventing that from happening.


The field of photography has become increasingly high tech and so it should come as no surprise that you can now connect your Canon camera with camera flashes wirelessly. Signals are sent between receivers in the camera and flash over 2.4 GHz wireless radio signals, whose range can reach 15m outdoors and twice that indoors.


For those who are looking to enhance their photos with complex lighting setups, often multiple camera flashes are required. Precision timing of these flashes is essential to achieve the desired effect and so flashes need to be synchronised. This is done through a system of wireless transmitters and receivers in the camera and camera flashes, commonly referred to as masters and slaves. With this setup, the master will trigger the slaves in the system to flash when desired. Many of these wireless setups support up to 3 different control groups, each with their own configurations.

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