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Flat Cap Hats for Men

Already the old English aristocracy loved the flat cap, especially when going on a hunt. It also bloomed among the working glasses during the Victorian era. Moreover, you might have seen it in old films on men who wore it as a drivers cap. This piece of headwear is, however, not too old school to be out of style. Things do keep coming back into fashion after all. Among different types of mens hats, the flat cap is something any stylish celebrity has in their wardrobe.

Basics of a Flat Cap

Basically, a flat cap is a round hat with a small stiff brim at its front. This hat has more than one name. In fact, there is a different name for it in every part of the world: "cheese-cutter" in New Zealand, "Dai cap" in Wales and "bunnet" in Scotland. In addition to the regional variations, it can also be a Jeff cap, derby hat, Gatsby cap, newsboy gap, or sixpence.

How to Wear the Flat Cap

Luckily, mens flat cap hats suit any face shape, and everyone can wear it. The cap is also rather forgiving in terms of outfit options. It can accent a gentlemans look that includes a suit and boots or work well even with soft pastel colours and summer shorts. Just remember to match the colour of the hat with other parts of your outfit.


The common materials for flat caps include wool, cotton, and tweed. Wool is a warm material and thus best for colder days. Rough, wool-like tweed flat cap hats for men are also great for the winter. Breathable 100 percent cotton flat cap hats for men or hat from a less common linen fabric make for great summer hats. Leather flat caps also exist but tend to be rare. The inside of the flat cap typically has a lining, providing extra warmth and comfort.


Flat caps once had large checked patterns, but these might make you look too much like a countryman. For a more formal look, pick up a simple black or brown cap with no pattern. If you like something funkier, try matching an especially colourful flat cap with your outfit. This probably works best with streetwear.

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