Flat Pack Bookshelves

If youre handy with tools or just your hands, get the buzz that comes from assembling furniture from the ground up with ready-to-assemble flat pack bookshelves that save space, provide room for storage, and inspire you to customise according to your space. Highly-practical and in simple lines, flat pack bookshelves also maximise storage efficiency as their flat shelves have more room for your books, toys, or warehouse stock than the shelves on ready-to-use bookshelves.


Store or display multiple items with ease on the cube-type bookshelf, whose top may also serve as a spot for your TV or other electronics. Save space in your garage with floating bookshelves for your tools, while tiered bookshelves offer double the storage space when stacked.


Crafted from plywood, chipboard, medium density fibreboard (MDF), plastic, and wood using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) that delivers consistently accurate items, the flat pack bookshelves are usually structurally sound, and last even through numerous assembling and dismantling periods. Many material options, such as sustainably-harvested plywood, sustainably-sourced wood, and recyclable corrugated cardboard minimise the impact on the environment.

Number of Shelves

Since youre choice of shelving is not restricted to a limited range of standard shelving sizes, tailor the bookshelf as high or as low as you wish, such as with the four-shelf flat pack bookshelves that you can use as cabinets, or the eight-shelf flat pack bookshelves that you can place either vertically or horizontally.


Since assembly is crucial to how long the flat pack bookshelf lasts, take your time building it so that it remains strong and durable. Incorrect assembly may result in a fragile construction that is not sound and may come apart easily. If you have Zen for flat pack furniture but are frustrated by assembly headaches, look for tool-, glue-, and bolt-free assembly options that are easy to put together, such as by folding or using hardware connectors.