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Flax's beautiful linen garments are synonymous with simplicity, luxury and style exhibited by Australian women across the country. Known for its use of comfortable and breathable linen in a range of beautiful neutral colours, Flax is the favoured fashion brand for laid-back fashionistas and well-dressed ladies in hot climates. The brand's commitment to making beautiful, stylish clothing for all shapes and sizes has won it a cult following around the world. Buy your first piece of Flax clothing or add to your collection today, with hundreds of gorgeous pieces available now on eBay. 

Created by twin sisters in the 1990s, Flax started as a small operation, as a capsule collection of linen good sold at local Farmer's markets around New York. As word spread about the company's commitment to quality, comfortable yet stylish fit and laid-back aesthetic, company expanded its operations and began selling products online began making sales overseas. 

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