Stay comfy when the temperature drops with men's fleece jumpers from eBay

If you want to stay warm in cold weather but avoid the weight and bulkiness of most sweaters, a men's fleece jumper might be exactly what you're looking for. eBay has a fantastic range from which to choose in a range of styles and colours.

What is fleece?

Fleece fabrics are generally knit, as opposed to woven. The knit stitch makes the fabric more stretchy. They're brushed on one side, and this is usually the side worn closest to the skin. The brushing makes the fabric fluffy, and has a couple of benefits. Firstly, it feels softer and cuddly. Secondly, the disrupted fibres trap and hold heat better than the fabric would unbrushed.

Types of fleece

Fleece fabrics can be made out of all sorts of fibres.

Cotton and cotton-blend fleece are popular for light cover to take the chill off a cool morning or evening, for example.

One classic Aussie variant is the flanno – a long-sleeved men's flannel shirt, usually in a plaid print.

Polyester fleeces are often a bit shinier on the outside than cotton fleeces, and they also tend to be more water-repellant than cotton fleeces.

Cotton-spandex fleeces are similar to cotton-blend ones, but the addition of spandex makes for a more stretchy fabric. It tends to be good for winter-weight exercise clothing where sweat collection won't be a big problem.

If, however, sweat absorption is an issue, then microfleece or polar fleece is typically a better choice.

Wool fleece doesn't wick moisture well, so it's not suited to performance exercise gear. But it is great for providing both warmth and breathability, avoiding that 'suffocating' feeling that some people have with artificial fibres.

What to look for in your fleece jumper

The properties you'll want in a jumper really depend on when you'll be wearing it. If you'll be exercising heavily in it, look for something in microfleece or cotton-spandex. If you'll be wearing it in very cold conditions, polar fleece or wool fleece will be a better choice. Keep in mind that there are different types of wool, too – different animals produce wool with different qualities. Alpaca and bison wool are popular for their softness and warmth holding natures. If you're looking for a jumper that will just ward off a bit of a chill at the start or end of the day, look at cotton or cotton blend fleece jumpers.

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