Flex Seal

Fix it with Flex Seal

Flex Seal is the flagship product of the Flex Seal family. It applies as a spray, creating a watertight rubberised coating on a variety of surfaces. It is a fast, safe, and convenient way to make waterproof, flexible repairs of leaks, holes, and cracks.

The sealant is aerosol-based, and when sprayed on it penetrates deeply into holes, and cracks. It dries quickly, but the rubberised coating remains flexible, and resilient. It wont melt or sag, even in Australias famous sun, nor will it crack, or peel in colder weather.

Other uses include soundproofing. The rubberised coating deadens sound, and absorbs vibrations. It can also protect items, and surfaces from the weather, as the watertight coating lasts for years, and will not degrade due to UV exposure.

Flex Seal spray can be applied to nearly any surface, wet, or dry. It comes in more than 10 colours, and can be found here on eBay.

Flex Seal Liquid

This product comes in large cans, or tins. It can be applied by simply pouring onto to horizontal surfaces, or can be applied easily with a brush or roller, just like paint. The new surface is watertight, extremely adhesive, and damps down noise, and vibration. It is resistant to the summer sun as well as to the mould, and mildew of wet weather, and even most chemicals. Nonetheless, it is non-hazardous, and the waterproof layer is even food safe.

Flex Tape

This is the same rubber in a can convenience, but applied as a tape. It is powerfully adhesive, and utterly waterproof. It can be used to quickly patch leaky pipes, and can even be applied completely under water. Because it is a tape or sheet, it can even be applied to overhead surfaces easily, and with zero risk of running, dripping, or peeling.

Flex Glue

This waterproof adhesive can bond nearly any 2 surfaces, even if applied under water. It is UV and mildew resistant, and can be used to seal or repair nearly anything.