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Going Solar in the Great Outdoors

While generators and batteries can provide power when exploring the great outdoors, they are not always the best option. In some campsites and rural camping spots, generators may be banned due to the noise and smell they create. Meanwhile, batteries will only provide power for a limited amount of time before they need to be recharged. An alternative source of power that many campers and caravanners opt for is solar. By usingsolar panels, they can collect energy from the sun in a way that is simple, silent and environmentally friendly.

Comparing Folding Solar Panels

When choosing a solar panel set-up for camping or caravanning, there are many factors to take into consideration. One of the first things most camping enthusiasts will think about is portability. No one wants to be lugging about a gigantic solar panel that doesn't fit in the car or caravan, and is impossible to carry and set up. Which is where the folding solar panel comes in. Folding solar panels are incredibly popular with campers and caravanners, as they provide a portable option that is both easy to store and transport, while being easy to carry and set in place at each destination.

With any solar panel set-up - whether it's using standard solar panels or folding solar panels - a few calculations need to be made to ensure the solar panels capture enough sunlight to provide sufficient power each day. To do this, look at how much power is required, rated in amp hours, to then compare that to the power rating the solar panel offers. As solar energy is not constant - think clouds - it's best to choose solar panels that offer more power than is actually needed. As with allsolar energy supplies, ensure each solar panel is made of high quality materials, offering long-lasting durability, while also making sure it comes with a sturdy carry bag for easy storage and transport.

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