Flexible Solar Panels

Power up with flexible solar panels

You’re out on the open road, or perhaps on the ocean, and all you want to do is check in on social media, but your phone is dead. Or perhaps you have a hankering for a cold brew but there’s no fridge in sight. Perhaps it’s bacon and eggs you’re craving, cooked on an electric stove. With the wonder of flexible solar panels, your dreams can come true thanks to the great range available here on eBay.

The magic of flexible solar

Flexible solar panels allow you to install solar in places that can’t take a typical solar panel. A lightweight power system that can be installed in a variety of places such as on your caravan or boat, with the flexibility of solar power, you can say goodbye to carrying around endless battery packs. These panels can be installed in a variety of places without compromising the integrity of the structure, and they typically are easier to install than traditional panels.

There are a few things to be aware of, though, when selecting flexible solar panels. They will typically be made of PET, a polyester based plastic, or ETFE, a fluorine based polymer. The primary difference between these two materials is the strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. PET has a lifespan up to five years, and ETFE up to ten years depending on where the panels are installed and how they are used. You’ll want to look for a solar cell that has excellent efficiency for a good power output. Note the type of adhesive or silicone used to install the panels, if appropriate, because you’ll want it to be high quality and waterproof. Using screws and brackets is another option.

While you’re considering the best type of solar panels to suit your needs, don’t hesitate to check out the full range of solar panels, including the range of portable solar panels. Whatever the flexible solar panels to suit your needs, you’re sure to light up at all the options available right here on eBay today.