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The human body may be made up of 60% water, but some of us just aren't water mammals. Ever since our ancestors evolved from an aquatic lifestyle to live on the dry land, it seems that for many, there isn't really a need to live in or around water. Unfortunately, Australia is an island surrounded by vast oceans, and with home to over 10,685 beaches, sooner or later you'll need to learn how to swim.

When it comes to learning how to swim, there isn't really much to it: you will need a swimsuit, swimming goggles, a swimming cap, and in some cases, a swim belt.

What is a swim belt?

A swim belt is a type of flotation device that can teach you how to swim or improve your stroke. It is made of a series of small floats that is fastened in place to enable the user to stay buoyant. Worn just around the waist just before entering the water, a swim belt creates more resistance but also allows the wearer to stay afloat in the swimming pool without necessarily needing to know how to swim or take frequent breaks.

Swim belts can also come with a harness, which is securely positioned to an immovable object, such as a fence. This type of swim belt is used for training purposes to help the wearer improve their capability to swim in a straight line.

Who uses a swim belt?

This piece of equipment knows no discrimination - it can be worn by anyone of any age. Primarily used to teach young children or adults to find their sea legs, a swim belt can also be used in aquatic exercises. The main aim of a swim belt is to provide flotation, and the end goal is to give the wearer enough confidence to not wear it after using it as a support after some time.

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