Floating Candle Decorative Candles

Floating candles are round and lightweight, which allows them to float evenly when placed in water. Some tea lights can also float but are not identified as traditional floating candles. Floating candles can be combined with votive candles for an elegant wedding decor display.

Where is it safe to use a floating candle?

Tea lights and floating candles are almost always safe to use when placed in water. A floating candle bowl is designed to safely display them for candle decorations. The candle should always be placed away from flammable items. Placing the wick in water will cause the candle to stop burning or burn for less time.

What are different ways to decorate with floating candles?

Floating candles can be used to highlight any casual or elegant event. They can be used as room decor in home and business settings. A few suggestions on using floating candles include:

  • Place the candle inside the vase to create a sophisticated look with a simple design.
  • Place a few of the bowls around a firepit for an intimate feel.
  • Place 3” floating candles inside the outdoor pool for parties or romantic settings. Approximately 72-85 candles will be needed to fill the pool.

What can you use to hold floating candles?

There are bowls or holders designed specifically for holding the floaters. It is also possible to make your own floating candle holders. Some items you already have can be used also. These items include:

  • Mason jars
  • Wine glasses
  • Glass bowls