Flooring underlay for optimal comfort, insulation, and protection

Flooring underlay gives your hardwood, laminate or carpeted floor a layer of extra cushioning to maximise comfort, provide insulation against heat, moisture, and sound, and reduce general wear and tear.

Maximise your underfloor comfort

Floating floor underlay typically features an inbuilt moisture barrier. The flooring underlay is a ripper choice for laminate timber, bamboo flooring, and engineered flooring. The underlay is supplied in a roll and features a self-sealing lip and tape system for easy installation.

Impact sound acoustic rubber flooring underlay is ideal for laying under all types of laminate flooring, and floating floors over subfloors of wood or concrete. It's available in a selection of 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm thicknesses.

Two-in-one flooring underlay combines white foam with foil. The double-sided underlay offers extra protection against sound and moisture. The insulating underlay features an overlap on one end and adhesive tape on one side.

Carpet underlay helps to increase the life of your nice carpet, particularly in high traffic areas in your home. The foam flooring underlay is commonly supplied in 10 mm thickness to enhance the feel and comfort of the carpet. The flooring underlay also boasts acoustic and thermal properties.

Builders' choice 3-in-1 flooring underlay provides superior noise and sound reduction and excellent underfoot cushioning. The 3 mm flooring underlay is supplied in 11 sqm rolls and is ideal for laminate timber, bamboo, and engineered floors.

Safety considerations

If you have bare laminate or wood flooring in your home you may decide to cosy up your place with stylish and colourful rugs. Anti skid underlay ensures that your rugs stay securely in place, to avoid accidental slipping. The rubber anchor non-slip underlay can be used on runners and rugs, and mats of any size. It provides a super tight grip that holds the rug in place and is ideal for use on wood floors and carpets.