Go Back to Nature With Men's Floral Shirts

They say it takes a real man to wear pink - and when it comes to florals, it can be even tougher. Nevertheless, if you can pull them off, men's floral print shirts are a great way to make a statement. Check out the listings on eBay, and go bold with men's floral shirts.

Pulling off a man's floral shirt

The truth is, every man can wear florals without looking like an American on a cruise holiday. There are some tricks, though, that will help you get it right. Here are the top ways to ensure that your floral shirt is on-trend.

  • There are two main ways to wear a floral shirt. First, you can go down the slightly more formal route. Choose one with a very small print and wear it buttoned up, like you would any office shirt. Liberty print men's shirts are good for this.
  • Alternatively, go for the updated Hawaiian shirt. This should be loose-fitting, but not too baggy. You don't want the size to overwhelm you - that's the easiest way to look like a tourist.
  • If your Hawaiian shirt is very bright, tone it down by wearing it open over a plain white t-shirt. This is a good casual look for holidays and music festivals.
  • You can also wear a shirt with a large floral print buttoned up, for casual sophistication. Go for more subdued colours. Darker tones, such as navy blue or forest green, will work here.
Accessorising men's floral print shirts

The key is to keep it simple. If your shirt is fairly loud, then the rest of your outfit should be toned down. For the office, stick to classic black tailored trousers. At the weekend, chinos or denim combine well with bold floral prints. The denim could be in the form of jeans or, if you're on holiday, a pair of shorts.

What are the coolest colours for men's floral shirts?

If you're at a music festival or on the beach, then feel free to go fo full-on Hawaiian shirt. Think red, yellow, bright blue - the bolder the better. However, if you want a more 21st-century look, colours should be softer. Monochrome florals make a particularly cool statement. If black and white isn't your thing, you can't go wrong with navy blue.

What about floral shirts for a stag do?

If you and the lads are out for a stag party, then go full floral. Choose a matching set of men's Hawaiian shirts for all the party, or get the same print in different colours to make the groom stand out.