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Hailing from Sydney's northern beaches, Florence Broadhurst has been designing luxury bed linen and bedroom accessories for years. Florence Broadhurst was an Australian singer, dancer and colourful personality whose designs reflect her unique lifestyle. 

Her designs capture the very essence of creativity, with bold colours and energetic patterns that would look great in all types of home, from beach house to urban apartment. Her original designs have been re-conceptualised into modern prints on quilts and pillows. And the result is a collection of luxurious bedroom fabrics that always make a dramatic statement. Many of her sets have reverse patterns, so you can change with the season without having to buy multiples. 

Choose from plain finishes, or something more embellished. Her sets are available in a variety of textures including velvet, and you'll even find sets that are sequinned, appliqued and embroidered. Mix and match plain item with bolder prints for a truly unique look. 

 Add more interest with a Florence Broadhurst bedroom cushion, which come in a range of sizes from large European cushions to the more traditional sizes. Cushions have a hand-crafted look that add a luxurious feel to any bedroom. 

Not quite what you were looking for? You can check out a wider range of Florence Broadhurst quilt covers for sale , or browse for a matching pillowcase or cushions by searching our range of Broadhurst decorative cushions and pillows. All are available online today. 

With such a huge range to choose from, you're sure to find the right bed covering for you on eBay.