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Famous for their invention of the square-toe shoe back in 1926, as well as revolutionising how shoes were sold in the year 1958, Florsheim has been constantly innovating for over a century

Florsheim’s range of boots and shoes are manufactured using premium leather with full lining and padded sock, which makes them your ticket to affordable luxury. Their brogues lend an instant polish to your formal flair, while their range of polished leather Chelsea boots help you to easily transition from work to weekend and back for a stylish derby shoes alternative, in rich tan and classic black hues. 

Florsheim’s attention to detail, along with their flair for style in every design is still apparent to this day. 


Milton Florsheim and his father Sigmund started The Florsheim Shoe Company in a small Chicago, Illinois factory all the way back in 1892. Their shoes swiftly became quite popular, which saw them featured in the pages of top magazines such as The Cosmopolitan and The Saturday Evening Post.

They quickly added their company name onto each pull strap as well as on the sole inside of every shoe they created so that consumers knew they were purchasing a genuine Florsheim shoe, one of the earliest examples of branding that was decades ahead of its time.

Over the next 100 or so years, they stayed true to their legacy of quality workmanship with the same classic styling, while gained a reputation for always remaining at the forefront of all the latest trends. From their selection of materials to stitching quality, Florsheim ensures even the smallest details are perfect because they care about your shoes just as much as you.

Florsheim was one of the principal boot manufacturers for the American soldiers who fought in both World War I. And then during World War II, half of all the shoes created by Florsheim were supplied to US troops.

In an appeal to the more style-conscious consumer, Florsheim created a new trend in 1926 when their creation of the first square-toed shoe first appeared in magazines. Florsheim went on to revolutionize the footwear industry forever in 1949, when they brought shoes out of storage and put them onto shelves so that their customers could browse. This was so effective that it soon became the norm, and by the time 1966 came around, a pair of Florsheim shoes was sold approximately every 4 seconds.

For their 125th anniversary in 2017, Florsheim created a limited edition collection of five classic silhouettes of vintage shoe styles that celebrated how far the company had come after such humble beginnings.

Florsheim Dress Shoes For Men

Florsheim has a refined collection of dress shoes such as wingtips, oxfords, brogues, loafers, and boots, all in classic silhouettes with a truly modern edge and the very latest in comfort technology. Season after season, Florsheim create the very finest in dress shoes for men, a tradition that they have maintained for over 125 years now, and that they also promise to hold for the future. 

Florsheim Heels For Women

From cutting-edge to classic styles, the Florsheim range of high heels for women have been designed to combine quality and comfort. With a heeled shoe to complement any occasion and every wardrobe, Florsheim helps you put your best foot forward whether they’re casual, high, sandals, pumps, or wedges.

Florsheim Casual Shoes For Men

There are many times when you want to look your best without going to the hassle of dressing up, and Florsheim’s collection of casual shoes for men are the perfect fit. From men’s casual slip on shoes to men’s boat shoes, they offer contemporary designs, a wide range of colours, and the best materials for the modern man looking for the best when he’s on the move. Step up your casual downtime days with the Casual Collection from Florsheim.

Florsheim Flats For Women 

Nothing comes close to the range of women’s flats by Florsheim for on-trend style as well as all-day comfort. Their collection of sandals, loafers, sneakers, slippers, ballet, and slip on shoes for women combine fashion-forward designs, with modern silhouettes, and eye-catching colours, for the latest in comfort technology. Florsheim flats are created with style and comfort, so they will always be flat out the finest shoes that you will ever put on your feet.

Florsheim Boots For Men

There are few things in life that look cooler on a man than a pair of dress boots. A versatile style of footwear, dress boots are a must have for every man’s collection that works just as well with tailored suits as they do with denim jeans and a crisp white tee. No matter the reason or the season, you simply cannot go wrong with a pair of fine dress boots. From Chelseas to Chukkas, dress boots and casual boots for men are all but guaranteed to kick your look right up to the next level.

Florsheim Boots For Women 

If you are ready to really take your look up to a higher height, check out the range of Florsheim women’s boots. From knee high boots to ankle boots, with flat or heeled soles, for working weeks or weekend vibes, the Florsheim collection of boots is sure to have something to suit everyone’s taste. Their quality boots for women were created specifically to combine style and comfort, to you can really give boring the boot this season.

Florsheim Loafers For Men

From dress to casual, there aren’t many styles of footwear that are as versatile as good pair of loafers. Worn sockless or with ultra-low no-show socks, the variety on offer by Florsheim run from cutting-edge slip-ons, to classic penny loafers, as well as dress loafers with tassels. Whether you want loafers for a cool night out, that classic office wear style, or simply for laid back, relaxed weekend vibes, Florsheim more than has you covered. Slip on shoes are an essential component of any gentleman’s wardrobe, so quit loafing and get some today.

Florsheim Fashion Accessories

Florsheim has been so well known for their fine quality footwear for all sexes, but sometimes you need just that little something extra to finish off a look. It is this superior kind of craftsmanship that Florsheim has translated to accessories and other products, from belts, to socks, to their shoe care range, and so much more. 

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