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Making the Most of Flower Walls for Venue Decorations

Many venue decorators and event organisers use props, including flower wall backdrops. These items can help to create the desired ambiance as well as add softness to otherwise hard, plain walls. These backdrops are flexible, meaning they are appropriate for many different kinds of celebrations, making them a good investment overall. You can find new and pre-owned flower walls on eBay.

How do people use flower walls at venues?

Flower wall panels work in a number of settings. While many people use them to create backdrops for weddings, it is not the only way that decorators use flower wall decor. These pieces also work well as backdrops for photo booths at weddings and other types of events. For business events, venue organisers can use flower wall decor at trade shows and conferences for various industries, including beauty, fashion, cosmetics, and more.

Additionally, event organisers will sometimes choose certain artificial flower walls because they repeat a floral pattern that is featured in the event. For example, if it is a wedding, then the bridal party may carry bouquets of silk flowers that match or are similar to the flowers on the flower wall.

Finally, these items allow venue organisers to bring both ambience and colour to otherwise colourless walls because they come in a number of different hues. These include:

  • Red, violet red, and pink
  • Green or teal green
  • Cream or light yellow
  • Blue, cornflower blue, and purple
Can you link the flower panels together?

Many flower walls for sale come in panels that you can hook together to extend the length of the artificial wall. This is ideal if you want to use the flower walls to decorate a large venue.

What material are the flowers made of?

Artificial flower walls are made from several materials. These materials include silk, plastic, cloth, and paper.

What types of flowers are available on flower walls?

You have quite a few flower options for your flower wall decor. If you have chosen a particular type of flower for your event because of its symbolic meaning, such as yellow roses for friendship or red roses for love, then it is possible that you can find flower wall panels that will echo that theme. There are a wide variety of artificial flowers that adorn flower walls on the market. These include roses, hydrangeas, peonies, lilies, and many more.

How do you choose a flower wall for an event?

Here are some factors that you need to consider to help you make your decision:

  • Budget and available resources, including manpower
  • The event’s theme and time-frame
  • Your chosen colour scheme
  • The type of flowers you want
  • The intended audience for your event
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