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A fluke multimeter is a vital tool for measuring two or more electrical values at the same time. Used by electricians and technicians in the industry, it is a standard diagnostic tool to ensure the safety devices.

Price and calibration

Fluke multimeters can vary hugely in price. Often cheaper multimeters are not calibrated, which means they will not provide the user with the most accurate reading possible. When purchasing a digital multimeter on eBay, make sure you check that the device has been calibrated.

Types of Multimeter

There are three types of fluke multimeters available to purchase from eBay, and each operates slightly differently. The three types of fluke multimeter include a standard digital multimeter, clamp digital multimeter and an auto-ranging digital multimeter.

A standard multimeter can measure both voltage and electrical resistance. This type of multimeter may come with additional features including the ability to measure frequency and duty cycle.

A clamp multimeter is a more specialised model. It can measure the flow of electricity using clamps to get an amp reading. If you are purchasing a clamp digital multimeter, it is important to read the manual, or you must be trained to use the device. If features a complex system and can cause damage to the user and the device if not adjusted to the proper voltage.

An auto-ranging multimeter is slightly more expensive than the other two types but has been designed to be easier to use. With one switch that measures different variants, its easy to change the function of the device and get a reading quickly.


You may need to purchase extra accessories to ensure accurate readings from your fluke multimeter. These can help you to get accurate readings in small spaces, there are multimeter test leads and probes available on eBay.

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