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Fluorescent Tube Grow Light Kits

Give you plants the light they need to grow indoors with indoor fluorescent tube grow light kits. Whether you're after fluorescent tubes or LED grow lights, there are spectrums to suit your plants and growing needs. Take advantage of the environmental benefits of hydroponic gardening, coupled with the energy efficiency of the latest lamp grow kits.

Why Grow Using Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a means of growing plants in small spaces where adequate land is scarce, as well as in arid conditions that may otherwise not be conducive to growth. It's gardening without soil, as hydroponic systems see plants placed in a growing medium with nutrients provided directly to their roots. This means that the plants don't have to expend energy growing root systems to search for nutrients and water, and can grow up to 50 per cent faster as a result.

Environmental Benefits of Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening systems can help ease the pressures put on our environment and are usually designed to recycle water and nutrients. Recycling hydroponic systems use as little as 10 per cent of traditional gardening and hydroponics, making them particularly advantageous in arid regions. Hydroponic gardening also heavily reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides, as well as fertilisers.

Fluorescent Lamps

A fluorescent tube light is one of the best options for indoor plant growth, being more efficient than incandescents and ensuring your electricity bills stay low. Fluorescent tube lights are available in a wide range of spectrums, together with CFL grow light kits. These are ideal for smaller plants and those growing on a budget.

LED Lights

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are a new technology that show promise in the world of indoor growing. LED grow lights use much less electricity when compared with other light sources, meaning they will save you money on electricity in the long run. LEDs can also last an incredibly long time and provide a very specific light spectrum that is ideal for plant growth.

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