Considered band orchestral woodwind instruments, flutes impart a beautiful, lilting sound. Whether youre joining the school marching band or youre taking up the instrument as a hobby with hopes of professional playing, finding the right instrument is the first crucial step towards your career as a musician.

Silver Lining

One of the first things youll notice is that flutes come in a variety of materials. Silver body flutes generally come in several silver materials; either sterling silver, nickel silver, or regular silver, which consists of silver alloys. Most student flutes are nickel silver, while higher quality instruments come in sterling silver varieties. Practice flutes may be plastic, while native-style wood body flutes have a deep, distinct sound.

All About That Bass

Different flutes provide different sounds and harmonies. Alto flutes have a low sound thats often featured in orchestras. Bass flutes are not as prevalent, and their deep sound may be heard in flute ensembles. The most common flute to learn on is the soprano, or concert, flute. This is the standard-sized flute and the size most people are acquainted with. Bass and alto flutes are larger, while piccolos are the smallest type of flute with the highest tones.

Beginners Luck

Choose the right flute according to your playing skills. Beginners should opt for a basic nickel or silver model, preferably a concert flute. Silver-plated flutes are affordable options for beginners. For more intermediate players, stepping up to a silver flute works well, and for advanced players, a solid sterling silver, professional quality flute fits the bill.

Flute Flair

Your flute requires special care to extend its lifespan, and its wise to maintain your flute properly to keep it playing at the highest leve. When you arent using your flute, keep your instrument in a padded case. When youre taking apart or putting together your instrument, you may require cork grease to keep the process smooth. Use a lint-free cleaning cloth to keep your horn shiny, and use a special flute screwdriver to replace loose parts as needed.