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Whether for amateur anglers or knowledgeable pros there is a large amount of kit essential for fly fishing, all of which is available right here on eBay and include leading sportive brands such as Hardy, Redington and Scientific Anglers. From starter kits with beginner basics including a fly fishing rod, reel, line and tackle to complete sets for the expert fisherman we have everything needed to give you that sporting competitive edge.

Choosing the right fly rod

Designed to cast the weighted line and comparatively weightless fly, there are many fly rods available on eBay which can be purchased across several weights. Your final selection should always depend on what type of fly youll be using and where exactly you intend to fish.

If you mostly fish in small streams and creeks a lighter rod will fit the bill. Alternatively, if youll be casting longer on medium and larger rivers a heavier rod would be a wise choice. Larger and bushier, more wind-resistant flies will also demand a heavier fly rod. And, if youre looking to sink a stonker a heavier rod and fly are definitely the order of the day. In the same way, saltwater fishing will require a heavier weight.

Other fishing accessories

A waterproof fly box is a good idea to protect your fly collection and keep them all in one place. These can be purchased on a small scale to super-sturdy suitcase sizes made of durable, hard plastic, with carrying handles for easy transportation.

Fly fishing will also require a suitable floatant to keep your fly dry and your leader and line buoyant. Waders can also be bought to add to or replace existing fishing equipment, as well as a fishing vest to wear over base layers and allow for freedom of movement.